Taylor Dorey


Height:  5’7″
Weight: 132
Date of birth:  5/6/1996
Home Town: Rio Linda, Ca
Current Residence:  Rocklin, Ca
Stance:  Goofy on the Regular side
Board Set Up: Medium Kerby Pro
Years Riding:  Maybe 6. I lost track
Refreshment of Choice: Coconut water
Favorite Shred Spot:  The Dirty Delta
Favorite TV Show: An Idiot Abroad, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, and so many more haha
Favorite Sounds: The ocean/nature, hearing my friends laugh, and hard rock or reggae
Favorite Tricks: New ones and a “switch” big spin
Favorite Websites: Pinterest and Alliance Wake
Favorite Sports Team: I’m more of an individual sports fan
Favorite Food: Thai Food and homemade slushies
Favorite Season: Spring