Vanessa Vincent

Name: Vanessa Vincent
Weight: 110
Date of Birth: 05/19/1986
Home Town: Pittsburg, CA
Current Residence: Concord, CA
Stance: I’m pretty goofy
Board Set Up: Victoria Agent custom 46″
Years Riding: This is my second full season
Refreshment of Choice: Coconut water
Favorite Shred Spot: The Dirty Delta
Favorite TV Show: I don’t have time for TV really. When I do, I enjoy something funny
Favorite Sounds: I listen to everything. I can go from gangster rap to old country. My iPod has many personalities.
Favorite Get Away: anywhere exotic an tropical
Favorite Tricks: New ones! And I really enjoy the fundamentals of just carving and shredding and working on air. That always feels good
Favorite Food: Surf and turf yummmmmmm, and I have a big sweet tooth for sure
Favorite Season: SUMMER!!!
Other Sponsors: Victoria Skimboards, Centurion Boats, O’Neill, Liquid Trends, California Marine Sports, Statefarm,, Twisted Candi Bikini


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